T.G.I.S. // Week 14

20130406-235555.jpgHeavenly Ski Resort in Tahoe… the view from the top of this run was gorgeous!

20130406-235630.jpg(View from the Gondola) Someone took the time to hike up the mountain and profess his love for Tahoe using sticks. Now that is true love, folks!

20130407-001008.jpgLook at the beautiful scenery! This is the exact spot where I crashed into my uncle seven years ago, and completely took him out. . Keep in mind, he’s six-foot-something and I was four-foot-nothing; don’t underestimate me.

20130406-235606.jpgAt least I didn’t run into a tree…

20130406-235538.jpgThese looked better in my head. High-altitude baking is quite interesting. And yes, that is a windowsill in the hotel. According to my uncle (whom I crashed into), they look like pelican nests. Close enough.

20130406-235620.jpgEver wonder where I get my perfectionist/anal-retentive tendicies from? Here’s the answer. This is my father’s handiwork.  I’m not even going to go into detail about his plate-stacking and packing obsessions.

20130407-001002.jpgUntil next year, Heavenly!

Happy weekend!

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