T.G.I.S. // Week 9

20130302-221839.jpgWater is beautiful. Large stones are nice too.20130302-221847.jpg

I spotted a nice piece of wood lying on top of the nice large stones.20130302-222908.jpg

This little dog was hopping along the nice large stones. What a cutie!20130302-221741.jpg

I almost swallowed a bite of this dumpling. I was getting flashbacks from my little peanut incident in Tennessee. Not a good thing. 20130302-221747.jpg

Shrimp! Poor things are floating around in cramped quarters!20130302-222341.jpgHe was looking a bit perturbed. I sometimes constantly wonder what is going on in that furry little noggin of his. My ginger kitten is a smart one!

Quinoa patties, melted spatulas, and burnt knuckles. Today was one of those days.20130302-221900.jpg

Thank goodness for Benadryl. Allergies are not so fun, but at least it helps me sleep through the night like a rock. Actually, I sleep more like a drugged out rock. It’s a bit strange.

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