T.G.I.S. // Week 8

20130216-231705.jpgAlmond butter toast + kale smoothie = power breakfast20130223-231817.jpg

Shades down? No problemo. Doesn’t faze that boy a bit.20130223-231840.jpg

This car has swag.20130223-231853.jpg

Say hello to my guilty pleasure. Bubble tea is a combination of artificial flavors and colors, a ridiculous ammount of sugar, and some sticky carbs. It’s perfect.20130223-231801.jpg

Pups at the animal shelter. So sweet! They’ll be gone by my next volunteer shift.20130223-231739.jpg

I’ve decided to become a Blueprint cartoonist next year. Psh, who needs writers anyway?20130223-231730.jpg

One more, just for good measure. What can I say? My talent for drawing pigs is unparalleled.  [However, I’m pretty sure this is the third year in a row that I’ve had to do a Heroic Journey project. It’s getting old.]

Happy weekend everybody!

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