T.G.I.S. // Week 7

20130216-225301.jpgView from the yoga mat20130216-225207.jpg

I’m the designated dog-sitter of the family. I have no complaints… she’s such a cutie!20130216-225228.jpg

Sparkly Rice Krispies hearts for Valentine’s day… so yummy. The kitten agrees.20130216-225315.jpg

And then there are these lovely items. Let’s agree that this display is completely ridiculous and slightly disturbing. Oyyy.20130216-225221.jpg

Let’s talk Chinese New Year! Waaiiit, it started already? Oh snap.  Panda Express will have to do. Making this picture black and white is my attempt to make fast food appear glamorous.20130216-225237.jpg

Sunbathing: kitten style20130216-231733.jpg

Our littlest kitten is a curious one.

Happy Weekend!!

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