T.G.I.S // Week 6

20130209-230101.jpg20130209-231027.jpgRare shot of morning light in the kitchen. 20130209-230253.jpg

Finding this magazine in the mail was the highlight of my week. That’s normal… right?

20130209-230743.jpgThe Pier 1 Imports near my house is moving. I can’t resist a good deal. 20130209-230210.jpg

We go all out for the Superbowl. I think there may have been a shortage of food. 20130209-230144.jpg

Kale smoothies to balance out the Superbowl “food shortage”. The green color is a bit disconcerting to my mother. She informed me that the smoothie sticks to her teeth. Ok. 20130209-230324.jpg

Hello, pit orchestra music! Why do you have to be so small and squished and difficult to play? You make me want to cry. Just kidding… I actually just get the urge to airbow my way through. 20130209-230238.jpg

They say that looking an animal straight in the eye shows him that you’re the dominant figure in the relationship. My cat stares me down on a daily basis. Just sayin’.

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