T.G.I.S. // Weeks 1-3

Thank Goodness It’s Saturday! T.G.I.S. is basically the same thing as T.G.I.F., except I switched the days of the week. Don’t get me wrong… I love Fridays just as much as the average person. But, I’m also just as pooped as the average person. So, every SATURDAY I’m going to be posting little snapshots from my week. I decided to start this project today, so I’m combining the first three weeks of January into one post. Everybody on board? Let’s get this party started!TGIS(1-3)-Main

Cali Sunsets= GORGEOUSTGIS(1-3)-2

Salad and perfect lighting. Happy belated birthday mom! Nice fingers Jazzy…TGIS(1-3)-3Whoa… people who aren’t related to me found this blog. Exciting!! I appreciate you guys.TGIS(1-3)-4

I also appreciate my cat. He’s THE cutest!TGIS(1-3)-5

Fresh mochi (in the sun). Perfect.


Studying for the AP Euro final. The textbook authors were giving us a shoutout! My friend and I were laughing (at 11:30 pm). Definitely pink highlighter worthy…TGIS(1-3)-7

Then we stopped laughing. Texting at 2:00 am is not ideal. We just wanted to go to bed. That was all we were asking for. TGIS(1-3)-8

Dog-sitting this pup. Belly rubs were major.TGIS(1-3)-9

He’s addicted to T.V…specifically, Law and Order SVU and NBC news. I’ve corrupted my cat. What has this world come to?TGIS(1-3)-10

New shoes and new frost.

Happy weekend everybody!

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