Rice Crispies Hedgehogs…

Tim & Jess :)

Don’t judge.  Just don’t.

Half a bag of marshmallows and way too many chocolate chips later, I have six psychotic looking hedgehogs…. or maybe brown snails.  Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer anyone?  The one on the left reminds me of one of the Simpsons.

Whatever.  Apparently they still taste good.

These looked a heck of a lot cuter on the website where I found the recipe.  My candy eyes and red noses give the hedgies an… interesting look.  The one on the right isn’t too bad, though.  A little flat, but I’ll take it.  This was a spur of the moment idea, so I didn’t have all the ingrediants I needed.  See those little chocolate sprinkles on top?  Appreciate them, ’cause I WORKED for those suckers.  

I picked every single one of them out of that bottle of Halloween sprinkles.  Don’t worry, I washed my hands.

These will definitely be made again sometime.  Hopefully I’ll remember to buy a bottle of brown sprinkles beforehand, and forgo the candy eyes.

I made these in honor of my former teacher’s pet hedgehog, Sir Wedgebert.  A hedgehog as a pet?  So cool!

Rice Crispies Hedgehogs

Here’s the link to the original recipe:

Sprinkle Bakes Hedgehog How-To




One thought on “Rice Crispies Hedgehogs…

  1. Megan, I am sooooooo impressed by your entertaining commentary and would have thought you were a professional culinary artist having fun incognito.
    I am not at all a person who would be considered a good cook, but food for pleasure and smiles like the hedgehogs are worth considering to make someone else happy. I am a very, very long lost friend of your moms, and we have warm and fuzzy memories of pigging out on Baskins and Robbins icecream when we were much younger and fancy free….. Yours is the first blog that I have ever deliberately explored, and I would have to say that you are a very talented writer and perhaps if you keep this up I will see your name as “The Famous and Very Well Known Megan “Marshmellow” ….

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